Leopardstar was a gold-furred she-cat with tan and dark-brown spots on her pelt. She has blazing yellow eyes, and was quite a harsh ruler, but held her Clan together after the TigerClan incident. She is strict and sometimes unfriendly because of how she fell in love with a cat like Tigerstar, and let her own deputy die. Leopardstar dies in the beginning of Fading Echoes, but it is unknown how (though it is suggested that she was old and sick).

Original series and The New ProphecyEdit

Leopardstar first appeared in the second book of the Original series: Fire and Ice. She was the new RiverClan deputy after the tragic death of Bluestar's mate, Oakheart. Her secret mate was Whiteclaw, though she had no kits with him, and that is why she hated Graystripe after he killed him (though Graystripe only accidently caused the death of Whiteclaw).

Power of 3 & Omen of the StarsEdit