Leafstar is a young and pretty brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes and white stripes. She leads SkyClan in the gorge territory.

Firestar's QuestEdit

Leafstar was first introduced as a rogue cat called Leaf in this super edition. She seems very friendly and is curious about Sandstorm and Firestar. Later, she joins the new SkyClan under the name of Leafdapple, and proves herself to be a shy but brave warrior. She learns fast and befriends the other cats, thus becoming a very loyal cat to SkyClan. She seems to have no ambition except to serve her Clan. Later, as Firestar tries to search for a leader, he finds out that Leafdapple is the natural leader (with help from medicine cat, Echosong) and takes her to receive her nine lives. Later, Sharpclaw, another cat that would be a good leader, serves as her deputy. Finally, she hosts a warrior ceremony and gives Sparrowpelt and Cherrytail apprentices, along with other cats. She promises to always remember Firestar and Sandstorm as they depart for the forest again, their journey completed.

SkyClan's DestinyEdit

In this sequel to Firestar's Quest, Leafstar is trying her hardest to keep her Clan together and under control, but a group of mysterious newcomers threaten to ignite a civil war.