Firestar is the leader of ThunderClan and the successor of Bluestar. He is a green-eyed orange tom (no stripes) and is young- the equivalent of about 32. He rules over the deciduous woods and has an unusually close connection to StarClan for a warrior-let alone a leader. He was featured on all of the covers of the Original series and has also appeared on the cover of Dawn. He has about 2-3 lives left, as he is usually bold and selfless in dangerous incidents. It is rumored that he lost a life in Ravenpaw's Path, but it hasn't been confirmed. Also, many say that he lost a life from the fox trap in Sunset, though this was untrue, as confirmed by the author

1st life lost-Scourge

2nd life lost- Ravenpaw's Path manga trilogy

3rd life lost- rats in Firestar's Quest

4th life lost- falling tree

5th life lost- greencough

6th life lost-fox attack

7th life lost- Russetfur

ThunderClan ruler.

Flame-colored tom with green eyes.